About Us

Shiny Goodness is owned and run by Gail Smith.

GAIL – has extensive knowledge and experience of all the products sold in the shop. She is Gluten Free and hypothyroid. Through special diet and exercise she continues to energise her own life through the practical application of health remedies.


The idea for the shop was conceived by Gail in May 2004 (the actual shop itself opened on 1st August 2004). She was having a break from full time employment and after becoming aware of a retail opportunity in the town decided to do something about it – there had been a Health Food shop (previously known as Harvest Home) on the site for over 20 years. Gail bought, renamed, rebuilt and restocked the old business and it has gone from strength to strength since then.

The reasons for choosing a Health Food Shop are linked to a personal health “miracle” which Gail had experienced in 2003 – it’s a story well worth listening to if you can persuade Gail to tell you about it. Suffice to say that Gail’s life has been transformed by following practical health advice and she has worked since then to pass that knowledge onto others.


The vision that Gail had at the beginning continues today:
• She wants all of you, her customers, to feel welcomed, listened to and given truthful, practical and efficacious advice.
• She believes that professional help from a GP, Nutritionist or other trusted Health Care Practitioner should always be the foundation for a diagnosis which will enable you to manage your health issues effectively.
• She has seen time and again that physical well being promotes mental and spiritual health as well and she wants you to achieve those things too.
• She supports and attempts to promote environmental awareness within our lives and our community.