Refill Service

Check out our REFILL Service

We can refill your Ecover and Faith In Nature bottles. This will save you loads of money. It also stops the continued waste of throwing away plastic containers. Those of you who know about Ecover and Faith in Nature products will be familiar with their environmentally friendly nature, which of course means that if you use them you will be helping to safeguard the planet for future generations.

How it works

Bring your empty Ecover or Faith in Nature plastic container into the shop. Ask Gail or a member of staff to do your refill – it can be a messy job so we like to do it for you.

Our range…

Laundry Liquid – original fragrance
Fabric Softener – original fragrance
Delicate Washing Liquid – fine fabrics & wool
Washing-up Liquid – camomile & marigold
Floor Soap – natural linseed oil
All Purpose – natural lemon fragrance
Shower Gel – lavender & aloe vera
Hand Soap – lavender & aloe vera
Shower & Foam Bath – aloe vera & ylang ylang
Shower Gel – lavender & geranium
Shampoo – aloe vera
Shampoo – seaweed
Shampoo – lavender & geranium
Shampoo – tea tree (anti-bacterial)
Hair Conditioner – lavender & geranium
Moisturising Hand Wash – lavender & geranium
Moisturising Hand Wash – aloe vera & tea tree (anti-bacterial)